Reprogramming  Mindware to Rejuvenate Body

Cognifica is developing cognitive technology applications and programs designed to target the pathways underlying aging, prevent age-related diseases, and increase healthspan.

Everyday Rejuvenation

Our everyday use programs can be seamlessly integrated into your daily life, allowing you to experience cognitive rejuvenation ‘on the go’.

8-Week Transformation

A science-backed 8-week program has been built to actively engage in physical rejuvenation. It is accessible from anywhere.

19 Powerful Programs

Access 19 unique programs designed to improve cognitive function and promote physical rejuvenation. Some of the programs have more than 200 exercises.

For Health-Conscious Professionals

Tailored for middle-class professionals over 30 who are committed to a healthy lifestyle and personal growth.

Backed by Science

Our applications and tools are based on cutting-edge scientific research, including:

  • Cognitive bias modification
  • Memory editing
  • Behaviorally conditioned immunomodulation
  • Lexical priming
  • Using imagination
  • Expressive writings
  • Open label placebo
  • Embodiment
  • Time perception modification
  • Cognitive reappraisal techniques
  • Precise neuroplasticity activation
  • Subjective attitude transformation
  • Implicit perceptual learning
  • Hormesis inducements
  • Ageing stereotype manipulation
  • Subjective Age manipulation

All techniques are forming Targeting Aging with Cognitive Interventions (TACI) framework based on results of scientific studies.

Experience Deeper Transformation at Our Retreat

For those seeking an even more profound rejuvenation experience, we offer specialized programs at our retreat facilities. These programs create unique conditions that cannot be replicated elsewhere, allowing for deeper cognitive reprogramming and physical rejuvenation.

Transform Your Mind, Transform Your Body

At Cognifica, we believe:

  • There’s nothing fundamentally impossible about rejuvenating our bodies, or heal ourselves from illness.
  • Biology is reprogrammable. We can change our software without altering our hardware.
  • Cognitive instructions can be as powerful as chemical or genetic ones in initiating bodily processes.
  • Memory of our youth can be leveraged for rejuvenation.
No yoga. No meditation. No quantum BS.

Contact for more information: [email protected]

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