Based in Cyprus, our retreat offers age reversal sessions by using technologies, tools and methods of experimental psychology. 

We offer over 70 applications and tools that activate rejuvenation processes.

rejuvenation retreat

Applications and tools are based on scientific research in:

  • Cognitive bias modification
  • Priming
  • Expressive writings
  • Ideomotor and imagination framework
  • Miscellaneous embodiment frameworks
  • Memory editing
  • Behaviourally conditioned immunomodulation
  • Open placebo
  • Time perception modification
  • Precise neuroplasticity activation
  • Subjective attitude transformation
  • Implicit perceptual learning
  • Hormesis inducements
  • etc

There are hundreds of factors that affect our ageing.
During the retreat, you would change many of those factors, and learn to control the others.
Your brain would modify the way of thinking about ageing, health and rejuvenation, and you fully enjoy the benefits of this change.

The effect of retreat cannot be reproduced by any other means, because space, time and activities create unique sensations, experiences and opportunities.