The Body Appreciation Scale

Различные типы женского тела

This test measures acceptance, attitude, and respect for your body.

The test is interesting for everyone who is taking part in the Body Map Calibration course as it can demonstrate the progress and effectiveness of training. Write down your score at the beginning of the course and take the test at the end of the course again.

1.I respect my body
2.I feel good about my body
3.I feel that my body has at least some good qualities
4.I take a positive attitude towards my body
5.I am attentive to my body’s needs
6.I feel love for my body
7.I appreciate the different and unique characteristics of my body
8.My behavior reveals my positive attitude toward my body; for example, I hold my head high and smile
9.I am comfortable in my body
10.I feel like I am beautiful even if I am different from media images of attractive people (e.g., models, actresses/actors)

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