Multisensory high-tech urban retreat

Room project

The high-tech retreat is an isolated space with full control of lights and sounds. It is equipped with a variety of devices and programs for producing and enhancing the effects of psychological methods and cognitive applications for modifying states, mindsets, and abilities.

Such a space is the most optimal and necessary setting for activating our capabilities. The ordinary environment does not allow for a needed concentration of attention to achieve full effects.

We use well-known, robust and predictably working methods and techniques of modern experimental psychology to change behavior, health status, and prolong life. Take, for example, the simplest thing: forcing you to choose young and smiling faces as fast as you can, and do not respond to the elderly and neutral, we temporarily change visual preferences, attention, and behavior, which positively affects health, attitude to life, and improves the quality of decisions. These preferences are only served as priming for more advanced work.

городской ретрит против выгорания

Why retreat?

There are many reasons for using psychological methods and applications under controlled conditions. For example:

- Auditory or visual deprivation/activation can be produced only in such an environment. Deprivation per se serves as a trigger for many processes, for example, for controlled and measurable neuroplasticity.

- Manipulation of time perception is impossible under other conditions, and the distortion of time perception itself enhances many applications. For example, the perception of time can enhance and accelerate the outcome of fasting.

- Today it is extremely difficult to find time and place for activities that require a prolonged focus of attention, without being distracted by environmental distractions.

- People usually don’t like being alone, left with their own thoughts and without the ability to do something, even for 5-15 minutes. They are ready to electrocute themselves in order to be distracted. Therefore, even the most boring protocols and programs will be met in the space with attention and interest.

- The effect of the use of the training program is enhanced if a person has the opportunity to nap for a while to integrate new skills, and it is very easy to arrange in the retreat condition.

- Digital detox by itself, without additional interventions, significantly reduces anxiety and restores strength, as recent studies show.

The first scientific experiments in this paradigm were made by the famous neuroscientist Donald Hebb, and then by his many students and followers.

The biohacker movement will inevitably come to these methods. Today, customers only have access to the floating tanks, where a person swims in the dark in warm saline. This is a very pleasant procedure, yet pretty useless for some major changes.

Since 2018, regular testing and use of the multi-sensory space began.

Операторская комната

Other usages of the space:

- For rehabilitation after a stroke. For instance, it is easy to launch and use movement restriction therapy.

- To improve sleep. We can use specific parameters of light, noise, and temperature, and other factors to restore sleep.

- For therapeutic fasting (FMD, 5-2 diet, etc.). During some of our experiments, we found that: 1) The sense of hunger remains within control, and does not cause negative emotions and discomfort, 2) Appetite is naturally reduced by hiding the characteristics of food that arouses appetite. In complete darkness or conditions of specific noise, the attractiveness of food is significantly diminished. 3) Time perception distorts the duration of the diet session.

- For "stress inoculation". This is a proven procedure for developing adaptation to any stressors. Gradually, without harm to your health, you will learn to feel calm in any dangerous situation.

- For family therapy. A couple can get to know each other from an unexpected angle, and better understand what they should do.

- For meditation or digital detox.

- For a therapeutic or creative journey into the past or travel into the future.

- To simulate isolation for space programs.

- For sex life variety.

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