What is the goal of the game?

Habit is repetitive automatic behavior. Formation of habit requires many repetitions over a certain period of time. By playing Food Game for a few weeks we have to make thousands of decisions to choose healthy food or to refrain from junk food.  Our brains are constantly busy with very important matters, while our conscious motivations, goals, and actions are not considered significant. Brains need to understand that what we consciously do is really important. It seems it can be done only through repetitions. At one point brains will notice them and accept those actions as important and try to automate the process in order to spend less energy.

We will be able to notice that automation when we find ourselves that we finished the game while having no recollection of our actions. This is a sign of newly forming habits. We are the choices we make thousands of times every day. This game helps us to choose the desired food for us.

My food preferences have really changed!

It is the goal of the game and it is normal. We heard stories when people suddenly start to want to eat cucumbers or cabbage, which they had never before desired. We will talk more about that later. Write to us with your story of changed preferences to [email protected].

How long do I need to play to see some results?

In our 2015 study, we recommended playing 15 minutes a day for a month. Those who could do that lost excessive weight and some of their food preferences had changed. Other studies have shown that even minutes a day once a week can bring some results.

I react to the green frame, and hardly ever see the picture. Is this ok?

It's fine. The frame is exactly for the purpose to help you to choose correctly. Don't worry you still see the content of the picture.

What are the points and how to earn them?

Points reflect your progress. They are calculated with a special formulaIt takes into account the speed of response to Yes-food and the number of errors. There are two types of errors: not reacting to Yes-food and touching No-food. You also get points for playing faster, often and consistently.

Why can't I go to the next level?

To go to the next level you need to get a certain number of points. On average you need to score 40 to 50 points. Try to touch Yes-food as fast as possible and make fewer mistakes.

Why the game uses points?

Points reflect your activity and effectiveness of training. According to our calculations to achieve visible short-term results you should get around 4K-5K points. To achieve long-term results you may need to get 15K points during 3 months of play.

What if there is a break in my training?

Short breaks in training do not reduce the overall effect. Long breaks can do, though. To create a habit we need to make new skill automatic. Until this happens, long breaks can prevent the creation of habits.

Is this really working?

All games are based on techniques of experimental social and cognitive psychology. In recent years, several studies conducted in different countries confirm that this approach is working. More about this here.

I have a question or a suggestion.

Please write us at [email protected].

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